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Posted by: | Date: June 30th, 2010 | 3 Comments

A huge thank you to MichelleMcCool.Net visitor Lee Letarte Jr for sending us his report and candids of Michelle from her recent signing in Ft. Bragg, North Carolina. Michelle looked absolutely gorgeous! Someone get her an M16. “Say hello to my Flawless Friend..!”

The day was amazing, people filled with smiles and excitement as they were all waiting in line to meet the current WWE Woman’s Champion Michelle McCool, there must have been close to at least 100 people waiting in line talking about the current storylines in the WWE as well as the role that Michelle McCool was playing in the WWE. From the conversations that I was in as well as over heard they all agreed that they are grateful as can be to have Michelle McCool in the WWE because she has in ring ability as well as out of ring ability.

I must have waited at least one hour to meet Michelle McCool and I must say that it was well worth it. With my WWE Woman’s Championship replica belt in one hand and my camera in the other I was excited as can be. When it was my turn to meet Michelle, she welcomed me with happy smiles and I showed her my championship belt and she was not only amazed by the former WWE diva’s/champions that have signed it but was happy to know that I was wanting her autograph of the belt itself as well. The conversation that I had with her was amazing as well, I told her that I was a manager for a wrestler on the rise by the name of “Nicolette Vincelli” who wanted to be in the WWE and she was amazed about what I told her about “Nicolette”. She told me to tell “Nicolette” to “keep on reaching for the stars and to never give up on her dream because one day in the end it will be well worth it and that she hopes to see her make it in the WWE one day because they need people with that much passion.” She then jokingly said “Maybe one day her and I will be in the ring together facing off for the Woman’s title lol”. I thanked her for the autographs that I have received from her as well as the picture that she posed for with her WWE’s Woman’s Championship.

I was happy as can be that I had the chance to meet Michelle McCool because despite the role that she may play in the WWE now as a heel in person she is a total sweetheart with a heart of gold. I only hope that her star continues to rise higher and higher in the WWE and that where ever the road of life may direct her towards that she succeeds in it. I advise all of you if you have a chance to meet Michelle McCool do it, because you will certainly miss a HUGE opportunity.

Candids > Appearances > Ft. Bragg, NC (June 2010)

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[...] MichelleMcCool.Net – The OFFICIAL Fansite for WWE DIVA, Michelle … [...]

[...] MichelleMcCool.Net – The OFFICIAL Fansite for WWE DIVA, Michelle … [...]

• Comment: • shapeups Says:
Comment Posted by: shapeups | Posted On: July 6th, 2010 at 11:51 pm

I was happy as can be that I had the chance to meet Michelle McCool because despite the role

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"Passion keeps you going! It's no secret that the majority of the Superstars and Divas work injured, me included. I had the injury bug start biting pretty good this past year. The bulged disks in my neck were incredibly painful, but just as scary! My foot still isn't healed, which is really frustrating an impatient person. But, it comes with the territory and to answer the question: you just keep on keeping on!"

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