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As promised, we bring to you another exclusive interview with co-WWE Divas Champion, Michelle McCool! This marks our 11th interview, and in true form, we’re asking questions that hadn’t been asked before, and this time around, we’re dedicating it to all of Michelle’s Faithful Female Follower: Real Talk! We’re dishing about boys (which WWE Superstar she’d like to have a storyline with), fashion (Michelle’s must-have items), girlfriends (horror stories with fellow WWE Divas!), and we even ask about Michelle’s first kiss (oh, yeah… we went there)! In this whimsical interview, you’re going to get to see a different side of Michelle, and we’re betting you’ll love her from every angle!

When it comes to “dressing the part” as a WWE Diva, what or who do you like to keep in mind? Do you dress to be sexy, fierce and fabulous, or just plain comfortable when it comes to WWE television?
“Well, since we are SEXY, smart and powerful, you of course want to look sexy. Thing is, I think sexiness is when you are comfortable. If you’re uncomfortable, that definitely comes across on your face. I personally like the chic, simple and classy look! I always go with the mindset that if you’re showing a lot one body part, cover the other!”

It’s not easy being a girl, especially when you’re billed as one of the “sexiest women on television.” With that said, what would you say is the one Diva routine you’re looking forward to putting to bed the day you’re officially retired?
You got that right! I’m really a no makeup kind of gal…..that being said, any chance I get to wear little to none, I enjoy! I also HATE having my nails done… costs a lot and I don’t have the patience to sit there.”

Okay, it only happens once, and they say you’ll always remember your first, so we’ve got to ask! How old were you when you had your first real kiss, and what do you remember most?
“I’ve always had a bad memory…..& this case is no different-sorry!”

A lot of us ladies look up to you and think, “Argh! She is flawless!” (No pun intended!) Make us feel a little better about ourselves; of the current WWE Divas, who does Michelle McCool think has a pretty bangin’ bod? Oh, and to make thinks a little bit more interesting, no besties allowed. Sorry Lay and Mrs. Ziggler.
“Current…..???? Hmmm……I think Gail has a great body. She’s toned, tight and athletic looking!”

From Real Talk to Girl Talk; just enlighten your fans and go with us here: If WWE left it up to you, and said that they wanted to put you in your next “relationship storyline,” which WWE Superstar would you like to have that program with? Surely, with a whole roster of hunks, someone makes you do a double-take every now and then!
“I’d have to say….Oooooohhhhhh, Chavo! Dun, dun, dun) we’d be funny!”

It’s no secret that your LV Boots are your most prized fashion staple, but what other items do you own that you just can’t do without!
“Uggs, chapstick, baseball caps, and some wife beater tanks. Pretty fancy, huh?”

Sequins, long hair, dark make up, and a whole lot of attitude has become one of our favorite looks on you. Which of your many “looks” throughout your career would you say is your personal favorite? And… Like old yearbook photos, which look makes you shudder when you come across old pics/videos?
“Personal favorite…..I’m gonna go with a safe bet (because my memory is too short to remember other outfits) & go with ring gear. I absolutely adored my mania outfit from last year. It was beautiful…..shiny, immaculate detail, great hoodie….. Worst….too many to count. Sometimes I see pics and think “real talk…..somebody should’ve told me that was not cute!”

Sadly, you’re not featured in WWE’s new book, Rumble Road, and your fans feel as though we’re missing out! Please share a story with us about a horror hotel memory that you soon won’t forget! A beautiful blonde in a roach motel? Has all the potential for a Wes Craven film!
“Plenty of sketchy motels…..I’ve been scared often. I particularly remember one that Victoria and I stayed in. I slept with one eye open the entire time. Scary driver = Jillian!!!!!! She almost killed me on numerous occasions! I can’t remember details but I do remember almost witting my pants laughing so hard. It involved me, Victoria and Kristal and a burger king drive thru. I can’t even begin to explain!”

When you’re feeling down and out, or just having a bad day, what do you do to lift your spirits? Obviously a tub of ice cream is out of the question!
“But a tub of frosting isn’t! honestly, I love to just relax in a scorching hot bubble bath!”

Girls just wanna have fun! You got your big break in the 2004 RAW Diva Search. Without cheating, could you name all of the contestants in the Class of 2004; and upon entering, who did you think was your biggest competition?
“Wow….lets see. Me, Maria, the twins, Camille, Carmella, Tracy, Joy, Christy, – I’m missing one, huh?:( I knew Maria and Christy were going to be big competition in their own different ways! I was right!”

Every girl has heard beauty tips or home remedies, such as crushing up aspirin and soaking it hydrogen peroxide then applying it to a zit for a quick fix. Do you have any or have you heard any?
“Never heard that one, but toothpaste dries up zits as well!”

From push up bras to false lashes, we ladies have a lot of “enhancement” products at our disposal. In your opinion what has been the best invention for women?
“Under eye concelear and lip gloss!”

The alarm fails and you have five minutes to get ready to go for an appearance. What do you do with your hair and make up? Pony tail and eyeliner? A hat and mascara?
“Ponytail, mascara and lip gloss and big blinged out jewelry as a distraction!”

What’s better: shaving or waxing?
“I’m a shaver!”

How often do you get your hair done? How about manicures?
“I get my hair done about every 6 weeks or so. As far as my nails, it all depends on how much damage has been done to them. Like right now for instance, lay and I haven’t had much competition on SmackDown, so they’ve lasted awhile!”

We all know that you love yourself some butter cream frosting and hate ice cream. Are there any other sweet foods you love or hate?
Hate licorice, love runts! And I think I’ve said it before, but i despise chocolate!”

WWE recently put out a Rumble Road book with several Superstars and Divas sharing road stories. Unfortunately for us, you weren’t in it. Some of the stories that stuck out the most were happenings in restaurants. Do you have any crazy, disturbing or plain ol’ disgusting restaurant stories that you’d like to share??
“I once had a guy streak across the restaurant, stop in front of my table, do a few dance moves and then bolt out the side door. Needless to say, it wasn’t cute!”

Because you travel a lot, would you consider yourself to be a good driver who can find their way around? Or do you get lost? What’s the best thing to do in that scenario – ask for directions or act like you know where you’re going?
“Oh no! I’m horrible with directions…..always have been, probably always will. The worst part is I still don’t even trust my GPS. I’ve wasted a lot of hours making circles and driving the wrong direction! Oops!!!!”

Jessica Simpson revealed that she is ticklish in her groin. Where are you the most ticklish at?
“My feet which is why I don’t like getting pedicures!”

Fans know just from your Twitter that you frequently have to get up early to catch flights. Would you say that you’re a morning person or is it better to not talk to you until you’ve had breakfast/a shower/etc.?
“Nah….I’m a morning person, but I also need sleep. I’m not one of those who can function just fine on 4-5 hours.”

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[...] MichelleMcCool.Net – The OFFICIAL Fansite for WWE DIVA, Michelle … [...]

[...] To read the interview, click here. [...]

[...] To read the interview, click here. [...]

[...] Josie sent this item. … MichelleMcCool.Net brings to you another exclusive interview with co-WWE Divas Champion, Michelle McCool! This marks our 11th interview, and in true form, we’re asking questions that hadn’t been asked before, and this time around, we’re dedicating it to all of Michelle’s Faithful Female Followers: Real Talk! We’re dishing about boys (which WWE Superstar she’d like to have a storyline with), fashion (Michelle’s must-have items), girlfriends (horror stories with fellow WWE Divas!), and we even ask about Michelle’s first kiss (oh, yeah? we went there)! In this whimsical interview, you’re going to get to see a different side of Michelle, and we’re betting you’ll love her from every angle!  You can read it by clicking here. [...]

[...] To read the interview, click here. [...]

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"Passion keeps you going! It's no secret that the majority of the Superstars and Divas work injured, me included. I had the injury bug start biting pretty good this past year. The bulged disks in my neck were incredibly painful, but just as scary! My foot still isn't healed, which is really frustrating an impatient person. But, it comes with the territory and to answer the question: you just keep on keeping on!"

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