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In honor of Valentine’s Day, Michelle is spreading the love by unleashing to her Faithful Followers a few unreleased and strictly candid thoughts of her former WWE Diva colleagues! Right off the heels of her successful “12 Days of Divas” special at MichelleMcCool.Net, you’ll get to hear Michelle talk about five more fabulous Divas! From Michelle white-knuckling it in the passenger seat with Jillian Hall, Kharma’s backstage rib, the bar room brawl with Snooki and Trish Stratus that you DIDN’T see on television, to a full-on, backstage confrontation with one of the Bella Twins that led to a locker room pow wow! It’s time to spread the love and spill the tea, Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all! XOXO

Jillian Hall: “I call her ‘Jill Bills,’ always have — she was one of the first people I’ve ever worked a program with. She’s nuts! Crazy in the best possible way, she just trips me out — always makes me laugh!”

Road Rage: “Me, her and Kristal traveled together, but first off: Jillian driving is extremely scary, and she always thought it was hilarious. I swear, I would be praying for my life and the life, the lives that were with us in the car, and for everybody on the road around us when she was behind the wheel. She would literally be cracking up, and I would literally be ready to have a heart attack.”

Paris the Pussy: “One weekend, we were driving and we were on this long loop together touring. And you know what? It wasn’t the second day or the third day of the loop, it was the very first day of the loop where we go to some city with some mall, and Jillian decides to buy a cat. Now, I personally HATE cats. I hate them with a passion, and people know this. Natalya is constantly sending me pictures of her cats because she knows that I hate them. People think it’s funny, because that’s how much I hate cats. I think the only person who hates cats as much as is R-Truth — he doesn’t like them either. Anyway, Kristal is allergic to cats! Jillian buys the cat, thinks it is the funniest and cutest thing on Earth, who she names Paris, and we travel with it for the entire week. I didn’t even want to be near it, while Kristal’s eyes are watering and she’s sneezing her head off… it was just a nightmare, and Jillian loved every second of it.”

Jillian’s gimmicks: “She is a great heel, and I’ll never forget the night the mole was eaten off her face, but that singing gimmick… that was just Jillian being Jillian. Every week she would ask Fit if she could just go out there and sing. She’d say, “Can I just go out there and sing? I just want to sing — I’m a good singer, I like Britney!” So one night, I just remember him telling her during one loop to go out there and just do it — sing! The reaction was just awesome, y’all heard it. And it just became her gimmick.”

To The Future: “I love Jills. She’s fun; she’s funny, great wrestler and great to work with. I just hope that she’s doing good. I wish nothing but the best for her!”

The Bella Twins: “I don’t think we were ever on the same show for the entire time we were all on the road. Obviously, like with everyone else, there were some cross-over shows, cross-brand and house shows where we got to work together, but those were very few and far between. I can’t remember what year they came in, but I think they were only in developmental for a very short period and then got their call up.”

Backstage Conflict: “I can’t remember exactly what happened, but I do remember that, once again, with a bunch of girls in the locker room, stuff gets said. Anyway, one of the twins, and I think it was Nicole, had said something that referenced me, and I honest to goodness do not remember what it was, but I just remember thinking: “Whatever. No big deal.” We barely knew each other so I just blew it off. But whatever it was, it made Lisa (Tara/Victoria) so upset. We were overseas and she just goes: “Look, I’ve got to say something.” I told her to blow it off, that it was no big deal. You know how people get, because I’m the same way. Say whatever you want about me, but once you talk about my friends or my family, then I’m going to be the first to say something to you. Whatever it was that was “said,” Lisa ended up calling a locker room meeting, which, at the time, we had a lot of these… which eventually, they died down. But at the time, respect was still big on the road. Lisa, Sharmell and Vickie, they were the locker room leaders and would call meetings whenever need be… we all would just sit and talk, hash things out. Whether it was cleaning up after ourselves in the locker room or respecting the guys by watching their matches and not leaving early — which I always think is good. It’s good camaraderie and allows things not to get out of hand.”

Locker Room Meeting: “So, we ended up having a locker room meeting, and I think even Johnny came in that day. I just remember Nicole telling me that I didn’t have to send Lisa to rely something that I had to say, and I was like: “Hold on just a minute. First off, I didn’t care whatever was said about me, but my friend, Lisa, was so upset, that she took it upon herself to say something. Things just started off with stupid girl gossip, where I don’t even remember what was said — which tells you how important it must have been, right? Because of that, there was sort of some tension there for no reason. We cleared the air, we hashed it out and it was basically like… well, I don’t know them, they don’t know me. Can I trust them? Do they trust me? But it was just bygones being bygones and everyone got over it. It was stupid, but whatever it was, it just made Lisa extremely hot, and she’s one who gets along with everybody and everybody loves, so… she just wanted to nip it in the bud!”

The Bellas Big Push (& Fall): “I remember at WrestleMania, the one with the melee of Divas, WWE was really pushing for them. They just wanted them to pretty much eliminate everybody in that match. Anybody that gets a spotlight at WrestleMania, heck, anybody that is in WrestleMania period, much less getting the spotlight, should be beside themselves excited — which, I think they were. They got that push… but I don’t remember it going too far after that? I think later that maybe Vince and the office just ended up seeing them more as a novelty, which I didn’t think was fair. I think they could have done a whole lot with the Twin Magic gimmick and then eventually turning on themselves. They could have had a really, really strong storyline. And I hated that for them.”

Pigeonholed: “They were put into the ‘celebrity guest host spot’ where they were always with the celebrities who came on the show and always escorting somebody out because you had these “two hot twins” — I just hated that for them. I knew they wanted to be in the ring a whole lot more than they got to be, they wanted to be more involved, and make a run for the Divas and Women’s Championship… and it wasn’t right up until they left that they got to have that opportunity, so I always thought that stunk for them.”

Friends At Last: “They were always good sports. They would crack me up, actually. Every time we had a celebrity guest host on, they would be like: “Hmmm! Wonder what we’ll be doing tonight?!” We did end up becoming friends, and it took me forever to even distinguish or tell them apart without them standing side-by-side. I’m talking looking them up and down, looking for Brie’s tattoo, some way to cheat to tell them apart because man! They look extremely similar! Once I got to know them and learn their personalities, it was easy as can be. I’m confident now that, at any given time, I can tell them apart single handedly. They’re super sweet, really cool; they have some uncanny similarities, but at the same time, they have some completely opposite traits. Nicole is more outspoken and a lot more bold, whereas Brie is a little bit more laid back.”

Kharma: “There was a lot of talk and a lot of hype about her coming up on the road. She was always backstage for several weeks before she debuted, and everything was really hush-hush about what she was going to do. …I don’t even know if they knew what she was going to do? I remember the night that me and Layla had a match with a mystery opponent that totally came out of nowhere. I have never worked with Eve; she was on a totally different show. That day, I think it was the pay-per-view with Nattie that was supposed to be a handicap match, we’re told that Eve is coming in, it’s going to be a fatal four-way, and that she’s going over. This was literally just dropped out of the sky. We didn’t have a program with her, so we had no idea where this came from! We were just like…. okay? Cool. We never care who is or isn’t going over, but it’s just like… where did she come from? We’re just trying to think of ways we can progress our storyline through this, so there was a double pin — me and Layla being pinned at the same time, just so that we can argue about it on television later (which is just another example of thinking ahead — how can we use what we’re given to further ourselves at least one more week). So, Eve’s in the match and she’s going over… but she’s not coming out.”

Backstage Rib: “The crowd starts chanting Awesome Kong! Awesome Kong! Awesome Kong! I know that literally everyone says that they’re kept in the dark, but we didn’t know what was going on. I did know that Kong was backstage that day — obviously, we’ve seen her. I remember being in the ring with Layla and just looking at her. People are chanting so loud and I just go: “…they’ve got us! They’re ribbing us!” I look at Layla and we think she’s coming out, so I’m telling her: “Okay! Just bump and feed, bump and feed for her, bump and feed!” We really thought she was about to come out! Butttttttt… that didn’t happen.”

Putting Kharma Over: “The only time that I got to work with Kharma was when I went out during the Loser Leaves match, where I went out for good. That was fun, even just for that split-second. The reaction she got, the power that she has, I would have loved to have just been able to mix it up with her a little bit more. I’ve always heard what a great worker she is and I’ve seen some of her work, and it is great. Wish I could have gotten to do a lot more with her, but hey! It was an honor to have been put out by one of the best. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

This Is How You Do Business: “I’ve told the story before, how after the match, going to the back… what an emotional feeling to have to see everyone back there. Someone came up to me and said: “That’s the way you go out, right there. You go out to do business.” I just thought: there’s no other way to do it. Anything to help and I was glad to. Not saying that Kharma needed help, but just being able to help the streak she was going to go on, which was demolishing all of the Divas. Wish that didn’t have to end, I wanted to see more of her.”

Trish Stratus: “People always, always, and still always talk about is Trish Stratus and maybe having a one-on-one match with her. I do think that would be great, I think we would be able to do some crazy-stupid stuff, in the best possible way. We only got to mix it up here and there on the lead up to WrestleMania in the match with Snooki, but she was fun! I idolized her growing up, she’s the epitome of a Diva: strong, sexy, and powerful. She played a great role — no matter what role she was given — and obviously made her mark, so it was an honor just being able to work with her.”

Snooki, We Have a Problem: “I think we could have had a seriously great match. The pre-tape with Snooki, though? That day… gosh, y’all have no idea. That whole bar scene pre-tape, and how that went down? Yeah. We had a really good deal for that night, but it didn’t go down as planned. The little bar room brawl that we did have, and what I got to do with Trish was really fun. I wish there could have been more of that!”

The Truth behind WrestleMania: “The WrestleMania match it was… okay. It wasn’t anything great, and we definitely could have done a lot more. I only say that because literally, as we’re getting ready to walk out of the curtain, Johnny comes up to us and says: “Girls, you’ve got no time. Get in the ring and go home.” We’re just like… what? First off, it’s a mixed-tag, what are we supposed to do? They’re literally telling us to go home (finish the match) as soon as the bell rings. Layla and I are just having a conversation on the way to the ring, just wondering what are we going to do. Am I going to start, is she going to start — what!! Trish gets in there and she’s just like: “Hey, let’s just do it. Let’s just do this and that… just follow me.” I’m like, alright — sweet. We did some stuff together, but you know, nothing that even comes close to what we could have done.”

One More Match: “Who knows. Maybe one day she’d like to shake it up a little bit. That would be a true honor, to work a program with her… and just mix it up!”

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