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Welcome to MichelleMcCool.Net! We are the official fansite for WWE Diva, Michelle McCool. Our website has now been around on The Internet six years, and it's just the beginning! As the first and longest running website dedicated to Michelle McCool, we pride ourselves on being more than "just" a fansite. We feature website exclusives, along with regular career, photo, and media updates. We also host the largest Michelle McCool community through our Fan Forum. Please take a look around, and even make a friend. Your support is greatly appreciated. To thank you for your continued support, we promise to bring you the best when it comes to McCool!

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MichelleMcCool.Net - The OFFICIAL Fansite for WWE DIVA, Michelle McCool
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At this time, Michelle McCool is not accepting any booking or interview proposals. While Michelle sincerely appreciates the offers & inquiries, she currently does not have any intention of participating. We will keep you posted once this information changes.
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We would like to dedicate an entire section of the website to fan stories involving Michelle! If any of you have ever met Michelle, send us your stories! Bonus points if you send along your picture(s) with her/of her! If you attend a live show and snap some pictures of Michelle? We'd love to have them! Even if you don't take pictures, but Michelle does something you think is cool and others would like to read, feel free! is the e-mail to send meet and greets, live show happenings and candids! These don't have to be recent. Hey, we all love a good flashback. If you met Michelle while she was in the Diva Search? Let us know! We want to compile the most extensive collection of fan encounters. Send any stories, pictures or media to:
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Would you be interested in lending a helping hand for MichelleMcCool.Net? If you've got some spare change lounging around, or would like to make any sort of valued contribution to our website, it'd be much appreciated! Donations made to our website will help cover our annual hosting fees, upgrades & services, along with improving our website's user-friendly accessibility. All the while, we strive to give you continued career updates and special interest features on Michelle McCool. We appreciate both your generosity and any kind of contribution you're able to make, but most importantly, your continued support.
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MichelleMcCool.Net is the official fansite of Michelle McCool. We are in direct contact with Michelle McCool, however we are not affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment. All photos and media found on this website are being used under fair copyright law 107, no copyright infringement is intended. This website is strictly for entertainment purposes only. For more information on Michelle McCool, please visit
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I am pleased to announce the re-opening of MichelleMcCool.Net under new ownership. I have been a big fan of both Michelle and this site for several years now. So, when I had the opportunity to purchase the site, I was happy to do so in order to continue to provide a location for Michelle and her fans to connect. But don’t expect too much to change. I’m happy to say that the current staff has agreed to stay on and we will work to make the transition as smooth as possible. I hope we can continue to provide new content, and–assuming Michelle is willing and able–the periodic “Michelle exclusives” for which this site is known. Thank you.

- Jim

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Behind every great man there stands a great woman, and that is where you’ll find Michelle McCool — standing by her man, The Undertaker (real name Mark Calaway), in support of, well… his support! For the past couple of weeks, Michelle has eagerly been both Tweeting and encouraging her Faithful Followers to participate in a great cause!

If you’ve already watched the video posted above, you’ll have seen that The Undertaker is endorsing, asking viewers to join him in helping two great causes: America’s Mighty Warriors and SPUR Compassion Ministries, by donating $10.

If that doesn’t make you feel good, there is also a bonus incentive for your generosity: your chance to win The Undertaker’s custom motorcycle designed by Jesse James of West Coast Choppers! By the way, all proceeds will benefit America’s Mighty Warriors and SPUR Compassion Ministries – so enter as many times as you’d like, and help make a difference… NOW!

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Michelle McCool is trying something different with MichelleMcCool.Net. For years, she’s answered questions, written blogs, and has even tweeted back-and-forth on occasion with her Faithful Followers. This time, she’s going to change it up — she’s going to vlog. In her vlogs, Michelle’s at her most candid — like you’ve never seen her before. She’s talking about anything and everything, from her precious baby girl, to even her husband… yeah, him. Raw and real, Michelle doesn’t shy away from controversy; it’s a different side of Michelle McCool… the one you thought you’d never see.

Today marks the 8th Anniversary of MichelleMcCool.Net — and we couldn’t be any more proud. If MM.Net were a child, she’d be in the third grade… let that sink in. Crazy, right?

In 2005, on the 16th of May, MichelleMcCool.Net launched. We were the first fansite dedicated to bringing Michelle McCool’s career to the forefront.

Very little was known about Michelle McCool at the time, other than the fact that she was now a former school teacher turn Diva Search contestant who made her professional debut the past November. Today, when you search “Michelle McCool” on Google, chances are, MichelleMcCool.Net will be the first website you see. We’ve come a long way.

Throughout the years, we’ve strived to be different. We wanted to raise the bar and break the glass ceiling. What could set us apart from other websites? What could we do different to give fans a unique experience? We didn’t just want to post match results and basic media, we wanted to take it a step further… and we did. We’ve injected our personalities into Michelle’s match reviews; we gave our visitors something more to read than just a dry recap of a two minute match. We’ve reviewed Michelle’s WWE.Com photo sessions, literally from head-to-toe. We gave our visitors a chance to get to know the team behind MichelleMcCool.Net, but most importantly, we gave our visitors a chance to get to know Michelle — and that’s what set us apart from the rest.

Throughout 8 years, Michelle has given us unprecedented access to her life: In the ring, behind the scenes, and a glimpse at the life she lead before she even laced up her first wrestling boots. We’ve even interviewed Michelle’s close friends and family, have posted an array of rare never-before-seen photos, and yet, we’ve always strived for more… and we always will. But it’s always boiled down to Michelle; she set us apart from the rest. Throughout the pages of MichelleMcCool.Net, you will find content that you couldn’t find anywhere else.

Today, 8 years after we’ve posted our “Grand Opening” welcome, we continue to strive — to keep Michelle’s Faithful Followers updated, to be different, and to be unique. Michelle has long since retired from the squared-circle and has even started a family of her own, but as long as there is an Internet connection and Michelle’s Faithful Followers are asking for it, there will always be a website you can turn to: Google.

Just kidding. You know what we mean.

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Be still our beating hearts… together at last, together at last! LayCool reunited during last night’s WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. A future Hall of Famer in her own right, Michelle McCool returned to her stomping grounds of WWE, if only for one night, to partake in the event’s honorary festivities, leading up to tonight’s sports entertainment spectacular, WrestleMania!

A lot has changed since the last time we’ve seen Michelle McCool on WWE television. Most of us know by now, she’s a proud mommy of her precious baby girl, but more obvious, she’s a brunette! Coincidentally, Layla is now a blonde! Gotta love that LayCool, they share everything — even their hair, apparently!

For those interested in Michelle’s fashion, Michelle wore an elegant Jovani Charcoal Lace Long Sleeve Dress with Crystals. The form-fitting dress (which is very flattering on Michelle’s body after baby figure), may set you back a cool $700, but does fashion truly have a price tag? Beauty is pain, Dahling! Though not pictured, we hear Michelle went with a high cork Louboutin — a staple in Michelle’s ever-growing wardrobe. You can take the girl out of WWE, but you can’t take the WWE out of the girl… forever flawless.

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Have you had any injuries/accidents or moments in the ring that have ever made you think you can’t do it anymore? What kept you going?
"Passion keeps you going! It's no secret that the majority of the Superstars and Divas work injured, me included. I had the injury bug start biting pretty good this past year. The bulged disks in my neck were incredibly painful, but just as scary! My foot still isn't healed, which is really frustrating an impatient person. But, it comes with the territory and to answer the question: you just keep on keeping on!"

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